'Saturday Night Revive' at Barnfield Point Recreation Centre
Jul 16, 7:00 p.m.
Barnfield Point Recreation Centre

Restaurant Tour

The Restaurant Tour includes 7 venues of Restaurants around Orillia, the tour will start at 6:00PM on July 15, 2022.


Tammie's Place


Sanafir (90s)


Kelsey's (80s)


Each restaurant will have a decade of staff and students associated to it. 

Kenzington's (2000s)


Brewery Bay Food Company (90s)


State and Main (70s)


Lake Country Grill (60s)


Beer Stein

Anyone with a PSCI beer stein will receive $1 off drinks and appetizers.


The Beer Stein is available to purchase 
$20 to pick up 
$35 to ship

Please E-Transfer money to dwmcisaac@hotmail.com

8 Seasons of Punch

1 - 3 p.m. on Saturday July 16th, at Quayle's Brewery

Hello Fellow Hockey Trojans,


For 8 glorious seasons we were led and inspired by "Punch' Pounder. In conjunction with the PSCI 60 + 1 Reunion we would like to hold a Trojan hockey reunion. Despite being our treasured sport hockey was only played for 8 seasons at PSCI. Punch was at the helm for all of those 8 years. 


The plan is to have a social gathering from 1 - 3 p.m. on Saturday July 16th. Tentatively, depending on response, we would meet at Quayle's Brewery outside of Coldwater.  Around Two O'clock Punch will grace us with a few words and some stories. Punch  assures us that  there will be no embellishments to the stories as the true tales of our exploits will speak for themselves. 


Besides, anything Punch comes up with would pale in comparisons to the exaggerations of the players. Look at the crew below as an example. Full of tory tellers like Mel ST. Onge, Ian Gordon and Jim Kent. Who the heck is that baby faced Grade Niner in the back row far left?? Find the Coldwater and Warminster boys. Look at that bookend of intimidating goaltenders, the Sawchuck and Bower of their time. 


This crew was the second year of the program in 1968-1969 and defeated OD Blues for the city championship. 


Please email me at mcmconsulting@mymts.net if you plan to attend. Would love to have someone from the 1968-69 crew step up and assist in contacting all players on this squad. If you are interested in helping with  the Trojan Hockey Reunion let me know.